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INTERNATIONAL CHEQUE ADDR: SPE Jens Peter Schwartzlose. I collect at your Embassy in Copenhagen or Stockholm, EUROPE.

Name: Jens Peter Schwartzlose. Bank Registration: 5396. Bank Account: 0000506589. IBAN : DK8653960000506589. SWIFT: ALBADKKK


SLES Contracting: Nations please invite me as owner of my designs and Engineerings. New-Built min. 20% Royalty, min. 5% procentage Power sale, Legal Body of State and my cash-flow stays National. Your versions look like....? Feel free to invite me to your Embassy to have a briefing from me in doing business.


International consult, advice and speeches. Timetable US$ 25.000,- plus Tax and expenses up front per begun hour plus per Interruption, any disturbing including when not for free SMSing or MMSing first including subject and agenda before contact same price table cash due per bank transfer to me first hand in person. Copyright fees 1 $ per word per copy, can be negotiated. SMS me for free on Media discounts contracts.


Kind regards JENS PETER


In example what OSP can look like, multi thousands of primary designs, and combinations of designs to order. What is best for you and conservation of local wild life (i.e. in desserts) or making local climate making or keep agriculture or farming under the panels and the installations hard to see:

Welcome to Optical Solar Panels, OSP.


All Of The Above. Sunlight Laser Energy Systems




FOR WORLD WIDE SALES OF "Sunlight Laser Energy Systems", are on shares for you to buy directly from Legal owner and sender of this website.




Historical Breakthrough (First Official Press Release Governments and International Press 1995-1999) and first in energy in products having Net Energy Earning and Profit and last in production in materials and by own made clean energy (Non-toxic); Passively collecting light from all sky and horizons night and day at the same time operating year round by none mechanic Sunlight Laser Energy Systems by Optical Solar Panels even with robot cleaning, or without for more service jobs. OSP is a profitable CO2-free renewable product for your home, business and State in all weather year round in all Nations. You will have financial and energy break even and energy returned the most by our True Renewable CSP products named Optical Solar Panels. The product is the winner.


Built to last and shares for sale or exchange of shares in your coin or values for sale Corporations State wide.


Both the Republicans and the Democratic Party and else are in for legal electrical power, since it is crime to lie or offer State or people a product, what cannot be delivered or is not true in cost or political goal in Clean Energy or reducing CO2. Not reducing CO2 means energy, heat and toxic and CO2-fertilizer etc. import in Ecosystems on top, where life of today is adjusted to live, and to place agent historical time poison and radiation etc. back on top is dangerous and not healthy.


When and if products are not living up to the NEEP Standard and can give all energy back all way from mining material to production, service and power grid in energy all way to the consumer. Then these products are not renewable but pollutants being produced and after end of use. The winner was the fossil branch and their banks fooling the public for two decades being informed about Sunlight Laser Energy Systems and not willing to sell shares or service the voters and consumers to have our products on the market, why US military planning and strategy are taking new positions in Government. Simply read new job profiles published in United States of America.


What both Parties are running for President for and having as politics is going sustainable and giving United States of America energy independence, and a cleaner environment. The product is the winner no matter what.


True "Green" solutions in all energy used for production including mining for needed materials and installations all way to you as the consumer is being returned by what Sunlight Laser Energy Systems in original can deliver you in just a few years in operation having Net Energy Earning and Profit, NEEP (All included) and fully recyclable product and true sustainable and nothing to hide for the public about toxic waist. Use of Sunlight Catching and making light beam/laser (Sun laser) and by i.e. traditional steam generators known from existing power production making power in existing grid quality even hydrogen as cheapest commercial fuel, now OSP made Power cost is the lowest, what was the limit for Hydrogen as fuel. Read below in chapter "News" in a link in the text, and about all industry based nations are working on transforming to "Hydrogen Economy"; Government administrations, they are the experts being informed about our products. In all green house gas reducing products are sold by us in original for production and use for production of our products.


Civilization can then continue having energy clean and it is not limited. Light and electrolysis of i.e. evaporated sea water by catching light is not limited on Earth, or in Space. Please send e-mail letter for questions, a meeting, and advice or consult person to person. For Nations or States a meeting in your office will do fine when time is right and team up. As inventor and business I am aware all need more information and confidence, security and a loyal and honest conversations about honest business in what is delivered and not a brand fiction naming or use of weather as renewable, or any none binding estimation in and about all-energy-used-calculation for other products in example words like "alternative" or "neutral" or "CO2-free" not having Net Energy Earning, and to have lasting jobs going CO2 free, not to burn more fossils than needed but to transform to in what Sunlight Laser Energy Systems offers you.


Sunlight Laser Energy Systems having the product renewable working in national interests and resources to last, not burning fossils or natural gas, but to have the material for making consumer products all have today in cars and their homes etc. i.e. best plastic and are made from natural gas, and best tires, glue etc. are made of oil, best, lightest and strongest building material from coal etc. Why have a policy and not simply as common sense not to keep burning value more worth in the future in what is safe in your ground as financial asset for credits or else, what are to last for thousand of millions of years for coming generations to have welfare. United Nations have calculated we need three planets the way we consume today and the third world is not included having welfare and serious progress where the population is adjusted to live (I.e. Biology and climate) and way of living (i.e. Culture and communication) and have less conflicts. What grosser would burn their own store having a more profitable and healthier alternative?


How it works:

SC is common psychic by law since antic history. SLES is unique. Protected by International Law in mirror(s) and/or lens('), Fire Point(s)/directed/reflected in and/or linear or none linear even none continuer image, geometric designs from mirror(s) etc., FP, in Mirror Pipe(s), MP, and Reflector Mirror Pipe(s), RMP, or mirror to catch and hold light to Light Pipe Ways, LPW. This is new in CSP-Technologies in none mechanic and all time and all directions having light catch and creating a continues light spot on mirror and sealed to function in all weather delivered by Sunlight Laser Energy Systems in original designs to meet whatever the needs are on locations. In short for investors; the most simple construction and cheapest productions gives most profit and tax for State and stand the longest in production of light beam, to heat then to power or else etc.


Light enters from all sky and horizon passively all year in all weather condition world wide except in absolute dark all day and night and are spotted by Mirror Pipes on to a mirror or through a gather lens. From here having Fire Point into a Reflector Mirror Pipe and backwards into Mirror Pipe or directly into Light Pipe Ways or One Way Director. To hold light to Light Pipe Ways by Reflector Mirror Pipe or mirror Standing Beam is created.


In illustrations by logos and a few patterns above black is mirror and colored lines are light entering and captured. Passive sunlight catching by Mirror Pipes is important to understand since, when never having a fully clear sky most light and energy escapes and reflects from over all of the sky and horizons or the temperature is to low to use other Solar technologies. This is not happening with OSP the only technologies prepared to operate hundred of years in original sold by Sunlight Laser Energy Systems in original.


To understand a Mirror Pipe: Use a Laser Pointer similar to Mirror Pipe and a magnifying glass. Place the magnifying glass flat over the edge over about 15- 20 CD covers and spot right on the magnifying glass. When numbers of CD's are right you will create the same Fire Point no matter from what position you spot right on in the magnifying glass on the table by a light spot.


Finance and resources:

Economists to be educated in transforming to True Green Economy are not a cost but a profit for State and Tax tricks and subsidizing is not needed. What cannot survive in a free (capital) market economy is even on the market paid by tax payer's money. To have OSP Power Stations is simply to start ordering when ready. The market is there when transmission lines are made to sunny States world wide. Less productive alternatives in energy production can stay in the market buying cheap OSP Plants energy in electrical power or hydrogen. The matter is to have clean energy and climate under control and to keep the jobs and make more new jobs.


Be a part of these break through invents in highly profitable Advanced Solar Energy Technologies, ASET, giving high provisions or fees and output. Must be good to know as producer in any Nation or in anyway involved in energy at any level from Head of State and downwards the business can continue in a new market producing or selling or own and be a part of the process in transforming to what lasts. Write to us using sales@optical-solar-panels.com mail address and seek to sell shares or be investor your selves or employee without risk in long term investment products in a sales job, i.e.:


Sustainable Nature law basic is all about having a power product with ever standing production like light from a Star and have energy back from producing the product producing the power, then it is true sustainable ever lasting. When not giving the energy back from producing the product and having it in operation, the long term is power supply simply stops over time and then what in a few hundred years as responsible policy or law maker or voter?. Fossils and nuclear has got an end as resource. Civilization can come to an end as we know it.


OSP is true sustainable power and lasting the longest in product having Energy Net Earning, why finance to work is a must.


Public price list SLES Power Plants, sales price $10 Cent kWh & 25 Cent L/ fuel distance effect:


*) Must be place close to salt sea water or rich fresh water locality and have free water asses and ways and harbor ways and supply.


**) Water evaporation of any salt sea water is compete able to cheapest consumer fresh water drilling in ground soil delivered rain water quality for under cost price $180 / M3.


***) Longitude: Any figures are examples. Price per KW/h from per M2 stands. Open for talks are designs, delivery place and time, multi order or coordinated orders for price discounts available. KW/h per M2 is minimum delivered.


****) No Power Unit included.


*****) The Hydrogen plant under longitude 40 degrees produces 18 TW year H2 / 13 KW/ L/ Fuel = 1 384 615 300 Tons, M3, of fossil fuel effect in hydrogen per year. One drum or Barrel of diesel fuel effect cost price in Hydrogen here about $10 - 20. Hydrogen is made from evaporated salt Sea Water on electrolysis of pure water to H2+O2, Hydrogen and Oxygen from H2O is pure water. To have a stabile temperature in the kettle modified rocket engines or as all should know simply cutting blowpipes fanes are used heating up the kettle running on Hydrogen and Oxygen in water, need and demand produced in H2 and O2 tanks, when lower demand for electrical power. When Hydrogen, H2, is reacting or burning with Oxygen, O2, result are pure Water, H2O. Electrical power is cheaper to transport than Hydrogen and Oxygen and safer using grid.


******) This power plant follows the operation from above in burning Hydrogen when to dark.



Sales and environmental profile of SLES:


OSP is sold by Sunlight Laser Energy Systems, SLES.


OSP catches most energy and no other invent can beat production prize under $1/2 Cent /kW/h grid quality. Sunlight Catching, SC, for energy production in any need is pure. Energy having Sunlight and Sea water for hydrogen is not limited for Earth. This means by fact energy solved by OSP sold by Sunlight Laser Energy Systems.


OSP by SLES is in original in fully clean renewable, re-useable, recyclable and true sustainable.



In example operating of SLES OSP Hydrogen and Water Evaporation Power Plant:


Data OSP

1. Fields of OSP are unique is in all passive, non mechanic and catch light optically from all horizons and sky at the same time in all weather like: All natural known and modern history recorded weather on the location and construction sight(s) under here sunlight, starlight, moonlight, wind, sand and dust storms, clouds, overcast, rime, rain, fog, dim, snow and snow cover, hail, ice storm and ice cover, by lightning only the Panels hit drops out, lighter and over flooding of alone water and mud, smaller twisters wind speed under 150-200 Km/hour, hurricanes, Earth shakes over 8 on Richter Scale, Sun storms, radioactivity etc. to function and continue to produce electrical power.

2. Over 10- >300% more light and energy caught for energy production on mirror than

Concentrated Solar Power, CSP. OSP has the lowest possible KW/h loss on used land,

•in catching and to transport to traditional window kettle(s) in power production (&<;10%).

Light can also be stored in heating up rock, metal in homes etc. even melted for heat later,


3. Most cost energy efficient energy solution ever and forever in KW over price: under

$½ Cent/ KW/h, weight: under 10 Kg/M2, land: all used, waist: none, Chimney: No fane etc.


4. Purest energy resource for a Star Planet like Earth or a Moon true catching of light,


5. No smoke or smog, works during and under snow, in rain, in hail, under dust, windy, when

cloudy, from sunrise to sundown even in star and moonlight and in Outer Space,


6. Operates from minus 271 degrees Kelvin (closest to absolute zero) to over 1000

degrees Celsius. In practical terms in all weather on planet Earth. In absolute mirror

over 1 000 000 KW per M2 effect capacity per hour (1 Giga Watt/h heat),


7. Gathers over 10 Kilowatt heat a day **/ M2 land according to CSP maps, or over 90

percent of all incoming light to use for example electrical power production, or one

liter of fuel according to CSP statistics, but on location mush more in Mega Watts

light. Think of heating up land from light how many litre of 13 KW/Litre fossil fuel to use…,


8. For power production over 70 percent of all income light per M2 land is made to power

in Kilowatt/h/Voltage grid quality,


9. Sunlight Laser can be used directly for power consumption or heating and roof, wall or

window with OSP works in heating like a greenhouse placed over insulation or saved heat,


10. Power can be used for production of Hydrogen in separating water into Hydrogen

and Oxygen, the cheapest way and fuel become most competitive to fossil fuels in

price per distance, and Hydrogen can be burned directly in gas engines,


11. Roofs, walls, roads, sidewalks, bridges, ships, planes, any construction can be covered

with OSP with SLES as supplier and in any color and shape even transparent in what

the customer wish for,


12. Weight under 10 Kg, dimensions i.e. 1 x 1 Meter = M2, and OSP has got Net Energy Earning,


13. 10 Kg per M2 OSP production and installation and service in minerals and metal to melt

are est.: 10 000 Gram x 0. 422 Watt x 1 500 Degrees Celsius = 6 330 KW is 6. 3 Mega Watt.

6 330 KW / 10 KW/day heat income caught in light, = 633 KW production / 365 day year

= 1. 7 years to have heat energy break even profitable to tax.



Remark in this my own Database calculation inserted only 8000 Watt winter Day income. But Nordic income is average 1,1 KW is 1100 Watt per hour times 24 hours. Is 26400 Watt not just 8000. Via JENS PETER KETTLES heat loss only under 5% to transform KWh Heat to Electricity KWh. Do by another loss of 5% in reflection and to long waves heat loss 24000 Watt or three time higher output from OPTICAL POWER PLANT placed Nordic. Reality KWh cost price under 1/10 Cent USD near equatorial placed. Even higher as satellite in 24 hours sunshine. Light as energy resource of no influence of outer temperature but volume light no matter wherefrom all passively collected transferred by laser beam in to JENS PETER KETTLES. KETTLE explained www.spot-suncell.com. See Database print below here.


Energy Breakeven:


I.e. Wind energy from Vestas, world largest wind mill producer as example.

(Left wing controled in and under big oil and coal aliance):

9 125 MegaWatt produced power by wind / 506 000 Mega Watt to produce 75 T. Steel = No Energy Break Even


means more CO2 means climate change and extra costs for consumers on electrical bill means other State budgets are cutter or progress projects shut down. Instability in growth and economy world market and Tax rise for dirty electrical power causing death recorded in public statistics for about a year hundred.


SLES Optical Solar Panels produces power from $0.005 KW/h:

End production cost $, 1KW/h power of the same effect per (Effect=Volt x Ampere x Time) installed: Nuclear 10.8 Cent, coal 7.8 Cent, gas 10.6 Cent, Concentrated Solar Power 24 Cent, Wind power from 100 and PV solar panels from over 150 without subsidies and before tax in finale accounting.

Wind Power in example:


Before tax and subsidies a wind mill electrical power costs over $1 per Kilowatt/hour in half wind speed. You pay as American up to over $22 Cent per Kilowatt hour electricity power. That means tax what is all people pays to you including your selves to have delivered at this fixed and tax manipulated not low price.

Mill by name 2 Megawatt or 2 000 Kilowatt/h/day costs $5 million. Living time 25 years. Production delivered day average to grid 1 000 Kilowatt per 24 hours.


Power price: 1 000 KW x 365 day a year x 25 years = 9 125 000 KW,

$5 000 000/ 9 125 000 = $0. 548/ KW/h.


OSP 1 000 M2 cost $1 million. Living time lease over 100 years.

Power production in grid quality to grid from 2 000 to >7 000 Kilowatt/hour day.

7 000 KW x 365 day x 100 = 255 500 000 KW/h/100 year.


$1 000 000 OSP Power Unit/ 255 500 000 = $0. 00391 KW/h/ 100 years.


$1 000 000 OSP Power Unit/ 255 500 000 / 4 = $0. 0157 KW/h/ 25 years and over 25 years 35 times cheaper and over 100 years, $0. 548 Wind KWh/ $0. 00391 OSP KWh = 140 times cheaper and service is set to the same cost over the years. A new wind mill fore every 25 years has got new higher price.


To produce a wind mill a tower and house for engine all in metal is needed. The weight is about 75 000 Kg or 75 Tons of metal. To melt the metal about 4 Watt/Gram is needed in production to go from re-circled iron to melt to refine and making product in iron or steel plates for the wind mill tower even house and foundation.


Calculation (Not the first but the last calorie is keeping coal/gas/oil power plants open and Wind pollutes more):


75 Tons Vestas Wind System steel tower x 4,22 Mega Watt to melt recycled steel x 1600 Degrees Celsius + melting rock in Russia.


= 506 000 Mega Watt to produce 75 T. mill in metal.

2 MegaWatt capacity wind mill produces to grid year average:


1 MegaWatt/Day x 365 days year x 25 Years

= 9 125 MegaWatt.


9 125 MegaWatt produced power by wind / 506 000 Mega Watt to produce 75 T. Steel


= No Energy Break Even,, even when 24 times higher output produced.



means more CO2 means climate change and extra costs for consumers on electrical bill means other State budgets are being cut or progress projects shut down. Instability in growth and economy world market and Tax rise for dirty electrical power causing death recorded in public statistics for about a year hundred.

In case the production is higher, there is still no Energy Breakeven nor Net Energy Earning.





Simple one thousand readers to buy an Optical Solar Panels unit of 1 000 M2 or only 10 000 buying a unit of 100 M2 for buildings of Optical Solar Panels or one OSP Power Plant and the business can start.

1 Km2 Optical Solar Panel, OSP, Energy Plant at longitude 0-30 degrees > 2 TW/h/Year voltage (Times 3 in my Database satelitte after year 2000 now 6-24 TW/h delivered to grid Nordic to Equator) in grid quality costs about US$1,1 Billion = 1100 Millions, per 1M2 leasing costs $1 000, in year 2010. Profit rate from year 4: >30 %/Year. Can supply over 200 000 homes and industries with power and heat/cooling/energy storing and profitable with fastest financial break even. OSP last > 100 000 years on construction. OSP sealed in glass and no oxidation of mirror material as seen in illustrations above. The OSP Power Plant price is similar to a nuclear facility. Optical Solar Panel Power units are profitable in power production cost, and when placed in several States security in having power made locally is in top and the nation has got less loss in transmissions lines. This makes it possible for all States to start planning new power plants or businesses and private persons to make an order simply having power grid lines today to connect Optical Solar Power Plants. All States are having light and can set own policies about electrical power and inform producers about our product here.


State and investors: Sunlight Laser Energy Systems can by stock shares be introduced by a bank to offer shares for who is interested. It is common businesses for almost any bank to have investment product in promising commercial business' on the market. Since what Sunlight Laser Energy Systems offer is based on known physic laws and known technology some even for year thousands in leaning books combined, the product and businesses also in energy and power production is business as usual: Buildings are drawn and build after political wish, demand, calculations and needs. Not what has been made before but proven engineering or know-how. This is what Sunlight Laser Energy Systems can offer.


On all continents new developments like houses etc. are build and are made this way based on what can stand from books and learning i.e. mirrors, reflections, spotting light and generating power. For State and commercial banks business as usual to invest even for own use to have projects realized and finished. Sunlight Laser Energy Systems could be offered as short as well as long term investment for State, pension administrators, unions and private investors etc. after their choice to share and have stability. All banks or brokers or State are free to contact Sunlight Laser Energy Systems and suggest, what model in shares are best for the market and the banks own interest making profit from selling and buying shares, options etc.


All can enter a bank and have shares or group of businesses to invest in to spread investor's risk. The products Sunlight Laser Energy Systems can deliver are the best and cheapest power among renewables even what is on the market and safe for all and most profitable why the lowest risk for banks and investors. Banks own activity and business is also to buy shares and sell when time is right. It is also business as usual States to have business' to serve and build for State. No finance. No activity and more jobs. Building an economy on State giving money to production has been tried in many Nations during the history and ends in general what Nation has got most money to lower the price, cheapest labor, or it can be winning in having the technology and educated labor and resources or new events just like OSP what is universal in Solar Power and very well could be an invent like the wheel being in use forever etc. and for all except the winner such economy ends in State deficit, inflation even recession and lost industries and jobs. Basic economic in real life, in news papers and leaning books of today world wide.


In almost all Nations in the free world State service the people in education and science and experts are approving or consult for State as employees and State are not building or even operating or service Power Plants. They can even be private owned in United States of America and else where. In the USA is the market free when accepted politically in a democracy. Both the Republicans and the Democratic Party and else are in for legal electrical power, since it is crime to lie or offer State a product, what cannot be delivered or is not true in political goal in reducing CO2. Not reducing CO2 means energy import. When and if products are not living up to the NEEP and can give back all energy back all way from mining material to production, service and power grid in energy all way to the consumer. Then these products are not renewable or what both parties are running for President for and having as politics being sustainable or giving United States of America energy independence, and a cleaner environment. There is no problem about educated labor in the production, since needed modern technology has been in use for decades.


Do you have Interest in making a new Internet site and being a part of our private social network?


About 80% of all in USA are in for clean energy, so we all have a lot to talk or write about and reasons to meet. Oil producers or owners has the same and most banks are owned and loaded with money in cash flow from the fossil branch as importer not willing to offer you credit in new and better technologies like Optical Solar Power Units to serve you and have energy security. As all know by now it has come to reality for elected politicians. In USA a bipartisan made law makes it legal for private people to invest directly buying shares online.


Optical Solar Panels and Power Plants are to order directly from Sunlight Laser Energy Systems by You, business´ or Government or Government Agency. For up to 3 000 Million US$in shares are for sale and placed in Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Inc. and assets will include an OSP factory and one OSP Power Plant build and future orders etc. For up to 10 Million US$in shares are for sale in Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Sales USA Inc., and where you find a market. This means for just one US$you can be in the business and part owner. Do not send any money but please write an e-mail letter to Sunlight Laser Energy Systems. All e-mails and invitations will be replied respectfully and kindly in person to you.


You are welcome to send an e-mail letter to us to start representing Sunlight Laser Energy Systems as job on provision. All you need is having an address and a phone number and you are having a job when hired. Business' in the energy branch are also more than welcome to write to have Optical Solar Panels in own product mix when terms agreed. Let us unite and sell more and make business. All nations has got light enough for Optical Solar Panels. Consult us and save money and time and paying in shares can be accepted.


Other alternative is to order just one power OSP Power Plant and have the same output in economics but 1000 times higher (1 million M2 OSP). Only 1 700 OSP Power Plants can cover all of USA's electrical power needs (Year 2007 statistics). The Kilo Watt per Hour cost on a yearly basis is under $½ based on CSP Data not OSP data for true/all light energy income. Further more in the price is calculated service and rent on land for every year. Cleaning can be automatic made by robots. The OSP Power Plant produces in grid quality over 2 000 000 000 Kilo Watt or 2. 1 Tera Watt a year similar to what one nuclear power plant produce. Reflection in field in Optical Solar Panels and heat loss by reflection is set to 10 percent and from heat to power is set to 20 percent of all incoming light energy. From the logos illustrations above on top of this page you can see no water waist but all recycled.



Read about Optical Solar Power Plants effect delivers to consumer grid 2-6 Tera Watt is 6 000 000 Mega Watt/Hour ( 2,1 TWh Nordic per 1 Km2 = 1 000 000 M2) prize table under 1,1+ Billion USD a hundred year construction my contract Profit not under 50%+ USD in billions. Fortunes made stays national in territory under Government control. KWh cost price about one third Cent USD before fiscal Tax.


The Database print here is based on CSP income statistics.


At the bottom you can read power cost price at longitude 60 is $3. 5 Cent and in South West also in USA is under $½ Cent on a 100 year lease (OSP's are angled to match the sun angel and to cover a larger sq. of the ground under the OSP's) or simply cover all ground under it:


Private and corporate: You can order OSP, i.e. 1000 M2 placed in California USA income budget (CSP): 1000 m2 x 10 (36 KWh Day avr.) KW/h/day x 70% to power effect x $0.08 KW/h price sold profit x 365 day/year = $204 400 your year income. Tax on land hidden in the calculation, what can pay of all power line costs in and to the South West to have the true renewable electrical and energy independence costs covered for State and USA. Read energy map KW: http://www.nrel.gov/csp/images/3pct_csp_sw.jpg


Dear reader from above all energy costs for production of this product and installations and the needed new grid is returned in energy and as investment in being True Renewable and this means Net Energy Earning and Profit, NEEP, for owner and State in Tax in going True Green and not spend more energy than what is being returned in any energy producing product lifetime. Or our civilization one day cannot cover the consumers need. So vital to keep or improve our way of living in a term of just a few hundred years as we know it.


Map over United States of America of water evaporation and clouds are seen.


This is a true map where all can read that typical light income is the same almost all over California and that it can be as rich in income further to the East in openings as well and close to the same in openings in the clouds further to the North. The weather is on the move from left to right in picture and the sky reflects a lot of light, why several OSP Power Plants and domestic fields are needed nationally and locally in example on people's and industries property or OSP Power Plants combined with hydrogen burning to have stabile power quality in the grid what is being offered USA by SLES Inc. This way USA will reach Net Energy Earning and true sustainability in invested power is being returned in a few years all way to the Polar Circle (1:10 compared to California light energy income) by Optical Solar Panels. (Read more under OSP Data above)


In map: The more white the wetter. The more brown the dryer and the sunnier. Green, red and blue means rainy.


Also this energy income weather are OSP Power Plants made for having fire points at all times in any weather condition from all horizons and all sky at the same time including the diffuse light made by molecules, crystals, drops, snow and ice reflections and including dividing the light in colors in the atmosphere known from sunrise and sundown and the sky is blue when sunny or white clouds or gray when rainy by Mirror Pipes. And the sunlight direct is yellow and orange glowing:


Link used: http://www.eia.doe.gov/fuelelectric.html


OSP sold by SLES is a strong investment and future safe. Read more on energy and calculate profits:

http://www.eia.doe.gov/fuelelectric.html .

Contact Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Inc. and reserve or place orders or consult:

You are more than welcome to contact Sunlight Laser Energy Systems for more information and a meeting about science and solutions for the market in energy being consult.



Thank you,

Sunlight Laser Energy Systems




Inventor and engineer

Mr. Peter Claire Schwartzlose

State Planet Earth date: 2012-11-27 Time 09:46 Central European Time, CET.

Location Denmark.


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to be Pen Pal with me for free write PeterClaireSchwartzlose@Hotmail.com (USA). All will have a reply from me in person.

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JOKES?: Skat har du hørt Jens Peter foreslår indkomst på ejendom, dvs. Real Kredit afskaffes, med kassekreditter på virksomheden privat boligen, hvorfor Real Kredit må starte banker op og være på forkant .... ...


JOKES?: Selvangivelsestid med fruen: "Skat" bare vent med at svarer, men hvorfor var det lige bankerne alle vildledte om Vestas aktien og PV Sol paneler produktion og afkast og det om CO2 formindskning, når løgn ikke kan trækkes fra ...



JOKES?: All in private from text above under "Economy": You can order OSP, i.e. 1000 M2 placed in California USA income budget (CSP Data 2007): 1000 m2 OSP x 10 KW/h/day x 70% to power effect x $0.08 KW/h price sold profit x 365 day/year = $204 400 your year income.


JOKE?: Two monkeys got caught in a cage with a clock and a banana. The first monkey asked: What do we do to be in right time and place and not be caught? The other monkey replied: “Watch” out!, and eat the banana!


JOKE?: Two very frighten monkeys was sitting in a jungle opening looking at one banana.

“How do we share?”, the first asked hiding its eyes.

We “split”!, and they both escaped the banana.
















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